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Minggu, 17 November 2013

Touring the garden of the Queen in London

If you want to meet different species of flowers really wonderful , there could be a special visit to the center of the city of London , a place where the Regent Park that comes to be one of the most attractive parks all over the place .

Here you have the opportunity to explore a few places and among which highlights the presence of the garden of the Queen Mary , this is one of the most visited places in London in summer time , can feel the spirit of London in every corner of this beautiful enclosure. The garden is named after Queen Mary , whose tragic history can be found in a museum that is located next to this garden. Everything came to rebuild place after spending 400 years of the death of Mary Stuart .

Towards the center of Regent Park in London

The wonderful thing about this place is in the variety of roses were present, it amounts to one of the largest and most comprehensive available throughout London and the UK. All this enclosure has a circular shape , which is protected by a set of rules that surround him . To go to this wonderful garden , simply go to the heart of Regent Park, meeting a colorful paradise and a great scent that are issued by each of these beautiful flowers.

On sunny days, this rose garden located in the Regent Park is one of the most visited in all of London , something that is not difficult to understand because it is one of the most famous existing city . In this park you will have the opportunity to visit his zoo , thereby completing our sightseeing trip in the same sector.